When we start with changing ourselves

15. března 2018 v 3:18
I am old enough to have a perspective of several decades.We have the whole debate around sustainability and how maintain our environment because we are going to leave it to generations in the future.When we start with changing ourselves and begin leading by example, people will say, "I want more of that. They ask, "How is this going to affect those yet to come?"In Iroquoian Native American cultures they ask, "How is it going to impact the next seven generations?"We will all be ancestors at some point.

We can only hope and take action in ways that allows for those future generations to be safe, well, and healthy. I remember a movement in the late 1960s and the 1970s as a vision for the future.How do we remember the generations not yet born? What gives us the right to imagine that our very actions and behavior are irrelevant and that we dont impact on the world at large? The word "planet" encompasses the environment we find ourselves in - physical, Aluminum jar social and spiritual."

Taking responsibility in this way helps us have a much more positive impact on the planet.In many traditional native and indigenous societies, people remember the future generation. They say, "We have to do something to the environment. We should reduce our carbon footprint and become more environmentally friendly about the chemicals we use in all aspects of our lives including farming methods, food and transportation. In some respects of the popular culture, we have lost that vision."Of course I agree.

This view allows the individual to be more participatory instead of looking over their shoulder, wondering if theyre doing the politically correct thing. Instead, it is better to participate for the more wholesome engagement, knowing that every act counts beyond the individual species thats saved, and beyond the individual bottle that is recycled. I often hear people talking as if they are in the environment.This can be described as moving away from "doing" and into "being.

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