The same is true for restaurants

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Ian Rankin is reputed to drink their regularly and you can contribute to story lines on the pubs website. However, top off the list must be the Edinburgh Festivals and the best known Edinburgh International Festival which is held annually in August. Top class 'home-cooking' and an atmosphere that is a sheer joy. However, my reason for drinking here is that they serve Timothy Taylor Landlord as well. As for the Scotsman Hotel, I think the thought that they have a room with 399 malt whiskies to choose from - is probably a compelling reason for visiting there at some point.

If you seek something more energetic then Edinburgh is home to the best "drum'n'bass" nights in Scotland at the Honeycomb club on Niddry Street. With two restaurants to choose from - the Secret Garden and the Inner Sanctum - I prefer the Secret Garden, especially on a crisp autumn or winter evening when the lighting effects can be appreciated at their best.Pubs and Bars:The Bow Bar is in the Grassmarket area of the Old Town on West Bow. Apart from the international festival in the summer there are always top class shows, plays and gigs on offer in this capital city.

The same is true for restaurants with cheap eating places in the student areas of the city, a swathe of good value mid-priced restaurants throughout the city and some of the best and most expensive cuisine in Scotland also on offer. The fact that it is mentioned in just about all the guide books going means that this is a place you can rely on. Originally brewed here as a 'house-beer', the pub is famous for being the home of Deuchars IPA, now produced by the Caledonian Brewery.

The wine list is as comprehensive as the menu.Top of the range restaurants that have more accessible prices are; the Atrium restaurant on Cambridge Street, where a three course dinner can be had for under 30; here the roast Cosmetic packaging duck is a house speciality. Being only a one-room bar the place is very popular and can get very busy, so if you want to have a session there - get in early to claim a seat.

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