There is a possibility of irritation

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This allows you to forget about the unsightly dimples and go on about your day. But dont just take our word for it, get yourself a bottle of Cellulean today, and in just 2-3 weeks you will begin seeing results of your own (better results after 4-6 weeks of use).Approximately 90% of women have cellulite, on their hips, thighs, buttocks, and stomach.Cellulean is not a greasy cream so it dries very fast, allowing you to get dressed with ease.

Cellulean also contains vitamins A and E which help moisturize the skin. Cellulean helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite in these areas. Women commonly use cellulean on their hips, thighs, buttocks, arms, and other problem areas. While you are working, or just doing your everyday running, cellulean is doing its job too.Cellulean is a cellulite cream which contains 2% aminophylline, the active ingredient in most cellulite creams.

Like other creams, there is a possibility of irritation, so as suggested by doctors, and other product users, test a small patch of skin before you begin long term use.Cellulean may Aluminum cap also be used as an eye cream, to help reduce the appearance of bags under the eyes.In recent studies, cellulean, along with a healthy diet, plenty of hydration, and exercise, has shown to reduce the size of fat on a womans thighs by up to 2 inches in the first month of use.

If an irritation occurs, discontinue use and, if necessary, notify a physician. No more worry about the product rubbing off on your clothing or having to make the extra effort to get up early or go to bed late, just to apply your cellulean, get dressed and go. Men have been known to use cellulean on their stomachs, and love handles, to slim the look of fat around these problem areas.

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