Červenec 2018

The good part about a distribution

30. července 2018 v 8:19
Talk to them and find out who needs your information, and how they would like to receive it.This is not a time to work in bribes. Sending a present may get a smile and a call, but thats about it.

Find out what your media contacts want, and provide it to them in the format and by the contact method they like. Make your press release the easiest to use, and they will appreciate it.

Depending on your goal, you can also use a distribution service. If you do utilize a distribution service, make sure you will get the list of contacts they made so you can do conform to up calls if you wish.

The good part about a distribution divine service is they can take your release and distribute it to many media outlets apace and easily. This will cost a bit of money, but will save you time, and you will know that the release was sent to the right person by the right method.Beware of publications in your area that print articles from people who also publicize in the publication.